Westside Wardens

Westside’s street warden team is an integral part of the BID’s services in the area. The team members offer a friendly welcome to thousands of visitors, making them feel safe and secure.

The team is made up of a day warden and five evening wardens. Overall, the wardens cover the hours of:

  • Monday to Thursday 9 am – 1 am
  • Friday to Saturday 9 am – 3 am
  • Sunday 15.00 – 00.00

The team members are often seen giving directions and offering pastoral care to night-time visitors. They assist where needed in identifying potential public nuisance, litter and crime problems, often directly helping local police officers. For many, the warden team is the public face of the BID, working closely with our partners to provide safety, security, support and general visitor services. 

Contact the Westside Wardens via: peter.willis@westsidebid.co.uk or 07888 050559

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