Brindleyplace staff stand out thanks to city artist and fashion brand

A renowned Birmingham artist has helped to create a range of colourful fashion accessories to help Brindleyplace staff stand out.

Alexander Edwards, who markets himself as Brumhaus, was challenged by Brindleyplace to recreate the entertainment centre as a piece of art.

His unique artwork was then printed onto a range of clothing accessories by luxury fashion brand Firehorse, including silk scarves, handkerchiefs and hair ties, for Brindleyplace front of house teams to wear.

They will also be sold at Ikon Gallery and Ethos Flowers in Brindleyplace, together with other items in the collection such as notebooks.

Alexander, whose work is inspired by architecture and modernist art, was commissioned to represent Brindleyplace as a piece of art, using bright colours and patterns as the basis of its brand.

He began by asking local office workers and restaurant staff for the things they most associated with the area.

This came up with ‘canals’, ‘cherry blossoms’, ‘Ikon’, ‘clock tower’, ‘fountains’, and ‘bandstand’, which he then turned into a colourful and bold-looking graphic finish.

Alexander said: “It’s been an absolute joy working on this project. My aim was to create an illustration which celebrates Brindleyplace, bringing together all the popular buildings and spaces, and arranging them creatively but also in a way that the viewer will recognise instantly. 

“Brindleyplace has been a big part of the city for over 25 years. From the gorgeous Oozells Square and Ikon Gallery, to Central Square with its fountains, office buildings and fantastic restaurants, all the way to The Water’s Edge. Not to mention the miles of canals.

“I hope that working with Brindleyplace on this commission has resulted in something timeless, which people who know and love the area will enjoy.”

Lauren Pearce, facilities manager at Brindleyplace, said: “The front of house team is often the first encounter that visitors have with Brindleyplace. They’re also the smiling faces that our tenants see upon entering their offices.

“It is important to us that the team is smart and the new scarves and pocket squares are not only bright and colourful, but they’re also a nod to all the iconic buildings we have on our estate.”

Finella Devit, from Firehorse, said: “Alexander’s work captures rich and recognisable skylines, iconic buildings and landmarks, and we felt he was the perfect choice.

“The artwork has been applied to beautiful silk scarves and pocket squares, all designed, made and hand-finished in England with luxurious hand-rolled edges.”

Picture caption: from left, Finella Devitt (Firehorse), Alexander Edwards, Lauren Pearce (Brindleyplace) and Roland Walton (Firehorse).


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