Westside warden receives Royal Humane Society award after helping stab victims

Westside BID warden Kassim Sagheer had the surprise of his life when all of his colleagues – and his mum – ‘ambushed’ him next to the Black Sabbath Bench on Broad Street.

Kassim suddenly found himself surrounded by the beaming faces of his fellow wardens, plus Birmingham City Council leader Cllr John Cotton, who presented him with a framed certificate from the Royal Humane Society. You can watch Kassim’s surprise presentation on our video here:

The presentation came after Kassim’s actions back on 19 May when he went to the rescue of two 17-year-olds who had been stabbed on Centenary Square, outside the Library of Birmingham and Baskerville House.

Without any regard for his own safety, Kassim used his own hi-vis jacket to help stem the bleeding of the most seriously injured youth, who he said was still in his school uniform.

Cllr Cotton, who had taken time out of his busy schedule to make the presentation, said: “This is an award from the Royal Humane Society. Thank you for the fantastic job that you are doing and for what you did. This is worthy recognition for the role that you played.”

To make the occasion extra special, Kassim’s mum, Anne-Marie, was presented with a large bouquet of flowers, and then both mother and son were treated to lunch at The Brasshouse.

Anne-Marie, Kassim and Cllr John Cotton, sitting on the Black Sabbath Bench on Broad Street. Picture by Graham Young.

Mike Olley, general manager of Westside BID, said: “Kassim was doing what warden’s do. I am very proud of you because you certainly contributed to saving one life that day and possibly even two. Your life was in danger at the time because whoever did this was still around and had already stabbed two people.”

After displaying his usual modesty and saying he was “no good at speeches”, Kassim said: “I don’t feel like a hero, it’s just what people should be doing, really. I just tried to help the two lads.

“There were no first aiders around, there was no pressure on the wound, nothing to put on. I took off my hi-vis and used that to apply pressure to the wounds as anyone would do.

“If you see someone in need, you should help them. I feel really proud [to be a warden]. We are like one big family here. We all treat each other nicely and it’s really nice to work here.”

Kassim pictured with his warden colleagues and Cllr John Cotton. Picture by Graham Young.

Following the presentation, Cllr Cotton said: “Kassim showed real bravery in dealing with a situation where two people had been stabbed and he put his own life on the line to provide support to them.

“What Kassim has shown is the very best of Brummie values, so I’m really delighted that he’s received this reward from the Royal Humane Society today.

“It’s a real credit to the work that he does and the rest of the Westside BID wardens team who do vital work here on Broad Street and across Westside every day.”

The Royal Human Society was created in 1774 to recognise the efforts of people using first aid to save lives. It was originally known as the Society for the Recovery of Persons Apparently Drowned.

Kassim’s citation said the award was in recognition of how, “at personal risk”, he had gone to the aid of two young men who had been stabbed in Centenary Square, Birmingham.

It added: “He gave prompt and effective first aid to the first man and prevented serious blood loss. He was commended by medics attending the scene, who stated that Kassim’s actions had saved the man’s life.”

Main picture: Kassim receives his certificate from Cllr John Cotton, both sitting on the Black Sabbath Bench on Broad Street. Picture By Graham Young.


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