Olley rides again, and watches new venues opening in vacated spaces across Westside

As the Westside BID team delivers crucial goods around the district on their new cargo bikes, business leader MIKE OLLEY witnesses the arrival of new hospitality venues.

Thanks for the interest everyone’s shown in the strange bike I was riding around on last week. For the record, it is a Raleigh E-Cargo Bike, and in the white cargo hold on the front it has 350 litres capacity.

I have just used it to transport over ten stones in weight of bottled water, which we give out to the homeless. That was over a ten-mile distance, and so as a cargo bike it does work.

With an electric-assisted motor, it’s easy on the legs to ride. This week you can see I am on the Raleigh E-Cargo Trike. Even more fun and just as easy to ride, but it’s important to realise it’s a big old lump of mechanical and electrical engineering, so respect that and all is well.

Can I also apologise to my great Auntie Sue, who was very concerned I wasn’t wearing a cycle helmet last week. You’re right, Auntie, and I have made amends this week.

I have so enjoyed riding around Brindleyplace. As I said last week, it has such a great vibe and buzz. Everyone in there is just so nice, be it the ever-helpful security, all who work in the background, as well as everyone else who works there in general.

On my journeys in Brindleyplace, I’ve spotted old favourites that are no longer with us. After many a year and great personal dining experiences, Café Rouge has disappeared, and in its place Las Iguanas has arrived.

I haven’t had an opportunity to try the new menu as yet, but have you seen the queues since it opened on the 16 April? It has such a rich outside dining facility. Olley be there before long.

On Broad Street, Coast to Coast has also closed down, which is so sad, yet the property bursting into new life as we write. Indeed, as I cycle past you can hear the refit taking place.

This looks like it going to be a very interesting offer indeed. Qavali’s offerings, featuring dishes from the Persian Empire, they state, are a-coming very soon. In a former life, I dined often within the actual Persian Empire boundary, and so eating at Qavali is something I’m look forward to.

Also, I note the dear old Handmade Burger Co has gone. Such a pity, as it was a great offer. Yet we are now tempted with PERIOS in its place, with its Tex-Mex cuisine. You can bet this is another one Olley will be checking out soon.

It’s rare and also a shame when we lose businesses, but one thing I know from experience is that as soon as a venue closes in Brindleyplace another is ready to jump in.

For whom does the bell toll? They toll for opportunity.

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