2016 has been a rewarding start for Westside Business Improvement District (BID) Chairman and BGVA Property Consultancy Director, Sam Lawrence. He has said that ‘It’s an honour to be recognised for my work in relation to the Westside BID and to be included amongst this list of such prestigious and influential Midlands property people’. He also says that making top 50 is a ‘very pleasant surprise’.

This is a very rewarding acknowledgement. It is particularly momentous because the list includes key individuals such as ambassadors and advisers with influences in the Midlands.

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In 1995, after completing a Degree in Real Estate Valuation, he began a career in surveying. This preceded the beginning of his career in Commercial Property Management, a Director role at BGVA Property Consultancy in 2009, and appointment of Chairman of the Board at Westside BID in 2013.

He plans to carry on contributing to the cleanliness and safety of the city alongside other BID and Birmingham City Council members. Along with this, he will work on property and asset management matters and continue making a mark in the industry.