In February 2015, businesses across the Business Improvement District (BID) area will be asked to vote for the continuation of the BID for the next five years.

This vote will be our choice to vote yes to go forward with business growth or backwards to the days before the BID when the area was neglected, suffered from rising crime rates and was not attractive to business.

The vote in February is not just about a contribution from businesses for a continuation of services – it is also about positive change.

We want to build on success so that we:

  • Continue with street wardens who do so much to welcome visitors and keep our area safe;
  • Continuation with street pastors who work with wardens and the police and who help make Westside a welcoming area for businesses, visitors and tourists;
  • Continuation of taxi marshals so people can have a great time out and get home safely;
  • Further improvements in environmental improvements such as street cleaning, lighting and floral displays – enticing more people to spend time and money in Westside;
  • Improving the marketing of Westside – so that visitor numbers and business growth continues year on year;
  • Working to improve the transport connectivity to Westside to make it easier for people to come to our area – ensuring that as we grow, local businesses prosper.

As a sign of our renewal and focus on future business growth, we are renaming our BID – to Westside Business Improvement District. This is in recognition of the fantastic business and visitor offers in Broad Street, Brindleyplace and Five Ways.

Westside is now the envy of our national and international destination competitors. Whether it is the National Sealife Centre in Brindleyplace, the conferences and concerts at the International Convention Centre and the Symphony Hall, the great plays at the Rep, the exciting bars and clubs in Broad Street or the businesses driving growth across Westside including at Five Ways – we are clearly integral to the local, Midlands and national economy.

But we cannot rest on our laurels. We know that in business if we don’t move forward – we lose growth and profits.

That’s why a vote for Westside BID in February 2015 is a vote for growth, a vote for investment and a vote for increased competitiveness.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue our engagement with local businesses as to how the future Westside BID from 2015 through to 2020 can deliver upon maintaining reductions in crime and making Westside an attractive centre for business.

If you want to engage with the Westside BID team with your ideas for improving our area please contact the team on 0121 439 1923 or by email to or

Westside BID- Building upon Success