The long battle between Broad Street BID and the potential strip club Paradise, came to a hopeful turning point yesterday

Since the first planning application, made in November 2013 was quickly rejected by the BID Board of Directors and businesses in the BID area, the BID team has been involved in five hearings on this case and at every stage has consulted with you, our members.

Our consistent message has been ‘The businesses in the Broad Street area simply do not want another strip club.’ and this has never changed.

The hearing yesterday was as a result of an appeal by the strip club ‘Paradise’ to the high court seeking a judicial review. This was granted, as the judge had noted some minor discrepancies in the previous hearing.

As yesterday’s hearing was treated as new hearing, the BID team presented its case, “One more strip club, is way too many strip clubs in one area.

“This could potential change the dynamics of the area to one that resembles a red light district.

“The BID area caters to all types of visitors, from families visiting the National Sea Life Centre, professional attending a conference at the ICC, to World Cup football fans enjoying all the facilities the area has on offer.” says Mike Olley, Broad Street BID Manager during the hearing.

The Judge ruled in favour of the BID’s rejection and will present full details in the following week.

This successful fight has been at a considerable cost to the BID but is felt, by the BID Board of Directors, to be money well spent when considering the negative impact it would had on the whole area – had the application been successful.

The BID team would like to congratulate all those who made a contribution to this project and will continue to fight for the views Broad Street BID levy members.
Thank you for your valuable support.