Street Wardens

The Warden team is an integral part of the Westside provision. The team members offer a friendly welcome to thousands of visitors, making them feel safe and secure.

The team is made up of a day warden and five evening wardens. The day warden works Monday to Friday, from 7:30am to 4:30pm. The evening wardens patrol the area Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 1am and Friday to Saturday from 7pm to 3am.

The team members are often seen giving directions and offering pastoral care to night-time visitors. For many, the Warden team is the public face of the BID, working closely with our partners to provide support and general visitor services.




In the twelve months to 31 March 2013, our Street Wardens have offered assistance 24,882 times in the Broad Street BID area.

– Responded to an average of 2,074 requests per month – 38% increase on last year’s   figures

– Each Warden deals with an average of 479 requests per week

Top five reasons for needing help were:

1. Crime

2. Hospitality

3. Street Management

4. Business Visits

5. Partnership Work

The Wardens work closely in partnership with West Midlands Police, venue door supervisors, taxi companies and other agencies to prevent crime and importantly, to reduce the fear of crime.

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