Street Cleaning

The BID area now benefits from an enhanced street cleaning regime, in addition to the service provided by Birmingham City Council. Daily street washing and deep cleansing of areas requiring special attention now takes place five days per week together with stringent litter control and graffiti removal ensuring the area is clean and tidy for both the daytime and evening business hours. In addition, a pavement deep cleansing operation took place in February 2007, with all pavement areas in Broad Street from Five Ways Island to Paradise Circus, steam cleaned to remove in excess of 150,00 pieces of chewing gum.

To enhance the street cleaning service, 32 BID branded litter bins have been installed throughout the BID area. The conveniently placed bins now give visitors the opportunity to dispose of litter quickly and easily. Innovatively designed stainless steel bins have also been installed on lampposts, to help reduce cigarette and gum litter.

In March 2007, Birmingham city centre was awarded the Cleanest City Award by the British Cleaning Council. It was praised for its special focus on leisure facilities and shopping areas and for the introduction of street wardens to monitor anti-social activity in the city centre.

In 2009 we upgraded and improved our deep cleaning of the footpaths allowing for a larger area to benefit from this successful initiative.