For eight years now, the team at Broad Street’s Business Improvement District (BID) has remained at the heart of the area’s business community – striving to create an enhanced, safer and cleaner environment for the people that work there.


And their efforts are testament to the fact that you, the Broad Street businesses, voted them in for a second term back in 2009.

Well, it’s about that time – the current term lasts until March 2015, and in the near future, over 250 businesses in the Broad Street area will have another chance to cast their vote. And when doing this, it is important to remember that area enhancements are only a fraction of what the team achieves. There have also been consistent efforts to attract developers and investment to the area, something which, after ten years, is really starting to become visible.

The BID raised in excess of £1.7million in its first five year term (until March 2010), which was invested on improvements in the area to ensure a prosperous business environment.

Broad Street is such an attractive gateway to the city. It is therefore vital that the businesses supporting the area get a first class service from a team that genuinely represent their needs. Remember to cast your vote and be part of something that will continue to maintain one of the most vibrant diverse areas of Birmingham.