Let’s face it – Birmingham does food diversity pretty well, and the Broad Street and Westside area contributes significantly to this: in total, 77 outlets that sell food…


Encouraging the flow of business and custom through the area is top of the agenda for every one of these. Healthy competition helps them all offer great quality food and service, but what makes the area so successful is that everyone is working towards the same goal: maintaining a vibrant hub where a wide range of food and eateries is simply second nature.

Formal dining has a solid foothold in the area, including specialised Italian, French, Mexican and Asian offerings. The Hyatt Regency Hotel has recently opened The Gentleman & Scholar, which offers fine dining within bistro-style surroundings. 37 full restaurants are in operation within the BID, while 11 offer great quality pub food, and there are 22 takeaways and cafes and 7 sandwich retailers…phew!

Naturally, other styles of eating are well catered for – making Broad Street and Westside renowned for great quality eating experiences, no matter what the format. Thai, Spanish and even American cuisines get a look in – so whatever happens, no one is going to go hungry!