A sigh of relief for pedestrians, drivers and businesses alike, as Birmingham Council is now actively considering placing traffic lights on part of the Five Ways Interexchange.

Blow up digital sign 5 ways Birmingham

You now have the right to vote yes or no as part of a consultation, but get your skates on – it closes on 22 July, 2014. Click here to view the plan and take part in an online survey.

A high number of routes rely on the Interexchange as a vital gateway to Birmingham, and beyond, but without lights to regulate traffic, massive bottlenecks build up, causing delay and headaches all round.

It is, of course, also vital that safety levels be maintained in and around the Interexchange and traffic lights can only aid this. Furthermore, businesses based along routes leading into the island can only benefit from an increased and more regulated flow of potential customers.

It is great that Birmingham Council is focusing on this, after initial plans were parked (mind the pun!) back in 2003. With the dip in the economy that’s been felt throughout the region since then, it is encouraging to see the Council focusing on improving the city’s infrastructure – long may it continue!