It is with great delight that Westside Business Improvement District would like to announce that businesses in the area have voted in favour of the BID for a five year term.

With an overwhelming 99.75% ‘yes’ vote, Westside businesses have collectively decided, within a six week period (since 12th June 2015), that they would like the BID to build upon the legacy of Broad Street BID that has already made the Westside area a national and international treasure.

The ‘yes’ vote shows a great deal of optimism that Westside businesses are willing to maintain a collaborative working relationship in order to fund  initiatives and schemes to further enhance the area through environmental and structural changes. The expanded BID will also ensure that Westside can provide the same services in new areas, such as Broadway Plaza, so they can enjoy the equal success that businesses have done when the Business Improvement District was known as Broad Street BID.


Westside Grid

Westside BID Chairman, Sam Lawrence commented, “The success of the ballot indicates an increasingly positive sign for businesses in Westside. We will now be able to deliver a variety of services,  that we have previously done with Broad Street BID, including developmental and environmental enhancements to the area that will no doubt continue to make the experience of those who work and visit here, an impressive one. The BID will persist in further attracting events, investment, employment and visitors.”

Westside is a distinguished sector within the second city, aided by a variety of economies, all of which have great importance in the BID.  World renowned hotels and restaurants including Hyatt Regency, Pushkar and award-winning Bank, entertainment capitals such as The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, conference centres including the International Convention Centre, Austin Court, iconic structures such as the Library Of Birmingham and night time entertainment businesses such as Gatecrasher, amongst many other businesses, have built Westside’s character over the years. Along with all this, Westside includes an array of residential city apartments, offices, retail and commercial businesses.

Mike Olley, BID Manager, stated “The outstanding result exhibits how businesses have understood the potential of a BID due to our previous two terms as Broad Street BID. It shows the trust businesses have developed in the BID due to its hard work and devotion to improving the area. We will now continue ensuring footfall and investment will further be increased through promotion and enhancement of the region. Our aim is to guarantee Westside’s varied market mix remains on the national and international map. I’d also like to thank the local businesses in the area who have worked so well with the BID; this success has only been achieved thanks to their efficiency and commitment. We hope we can continue to build on our previous accomplishments. Thank you to our current chairman Sam Lawrence of Bilfinger GVA, previous chairmen Martin French of Natwest and Gary Taylor formally of Argent, along with our great team of directors for their effort and determination.”

Thank you to all who voted. We aim to make Westside even bigger and better.