Broad Street tram

A funding package has been announced that includes the final stage of backing for the first Birmingham Sprint rapid bus tram line from the City Centre through to Quinton, via Broad Street – thanks to the continual lobbying of BID for a rapid transport system.

This road to success began with a commitment to lobby for this under the BID2 manifesto back in 2009. Closely working with other BIDS, as well as Centro and the Council since then to develop proposals has now paid off.

Gary Taylor, Executive Director at Altitude Real Estate, said:

“This investment is great news and is in direct support of BID’s plans for better connectivity for the Broad Street area. The announcement and timescales run in close parallel to the planned development of Paradise Forum which in itself will provide much improved pedestrian connectivity.”

In related news, Centro and the Council have been planning to extend the Metro to Centenary Square but just last week, rather unexpectedly got funding from the Government to take it up Broad Street, to Five Ways.

Connecting the area, as well as people, is therefore high on the agenda. Gary concluded:

“It’s fantastic that we have delivered against a major pledge we made in 2009. All in all, Broad Street and Westside are about to become a much more integrated part of the City Centre.”