Following the recent stories about Westside Business Improvement District, BID manager Mike Olley has released the following statement:

“I welcome Councillor Victoria Quinn ‘calling in’ the Cabinet’s decision to support Westside BID, and I’m confident this scrutiny will reveal the BID as a hard-working, much-loved organisation that operates with thorough integrity.

“Let me clarify the facts about Westside BID’s ballot and the council’s grant of £155,000. First of all, the BID has been prepared to hold its ballot for many months, and could have held one in late 2014.

“However, a delay was caused because the council had concerns over our intended new boundary, and we agreed to this delay on the provison that it would have cost implications, which the council agreed to cover.

“Therefore, the suggestion that Westside BID is getting preferential treatment over the collection of our levy is not correct. We are treated exactly the same as every other BID in the city.

“Westside BID has nothing to hide, and I’m really looking forward to explaining all these matters in detail at Councillor Quinn’s committee.

“The interest and passion that Councillor Quinn, Councillor Randal Brew and other councillors have recently shown is truly rewarding for Business Improvement Districts, which were largely unheard of ten years ago.”

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