On Monday 8th June,Westside Business Improvement District (BID) held a Ballot Launch Lunch on the Symphony Hall stage.

The event was to enlighten anyone who wanted more information about what the BID does, and to explain what the ballot process will entail.


Chairman Sam Lawrence, spoke about the achievements of the BID, from being instrumental in the reduction of crime in the area, to promoting the district on a national and international level. Speaking about how the BID has built its way up to be one of the top Business Improvement Districts in the country, Sam said, “An area that needed much improvement has become a national centre for leisure, business and conferences; our BID has played a huge part in this development.

“Action has been taken in terms of better transport links, increased security through our wardens’ team, a cleaner environment due to our very own street cleaner and continuous promotions in the area.”

With the promise of ensuring that Westside remains active in keeping crime rates down, improving footfall and business activity, and further improving the environment, Sam Lawrence urged members to help Westside BID continue.

Walk of Stars Chairman, Jasper Carrott, said the momentum that Westside has built needs to continue. Speaking candidly, Jasper recalled a time when Broad Street was dirty and industrial, and said places like the Bingley Hall in Broad Street were “disgusting”.

“Vandals used to break in to decorate it,” he joked. “I have seen the regeneration of this city and I am now proud to bring visitors to my city because we have an astonishing array of places to go, theatres, cinemas, we’ve re-done the canals, improved the city centre. Over the last ten years, the BID has made a massive difference in this area.”

Mentioning the Walk of Stars, he said that it played a huge part in promoting the city on a global scale and it was important to keep the “high calibre of stars and international attention the stars bought”.

But one thing that worried Jasper is the assumption this work can continue without members taking any action and that is why a vote ‘yes’ is important.

Mike Olley, BID manager, informed members that they would be receiving ballot papers on Friday June 12th, which can be filled and sent to the ERS by 5pm on Friday July 24th 2015.

For further information about the BID or the ballot please feel free to contact the BID office at info@westsidebid.co.uk or on 0121 439 1923.

If you would like to see images from this event, follow this link: http://westsidebid.co.uk/ballot-launch-lunch-2015-symphony-hall/.