Davenports is the new owner of 115-year-old City Tavern, now returned to its original name, the Bull’s Head.

The brewery has preserved some of the pub’s original features to reflect the proud history of Davenports’ Brewery while giving it a fresh, modern look.



The pub features a sloping bar as the street slopes down towards Tennant Street. Birmingham Mail described it as “the most disorienting feeling of going into The Crooked House ant Himley where you can enjoy the illusion of rolling marbles uphill.”


The company aims to use traditional beers in order to restore the original heritage.

The pub was built in 1901 and opened over a decade before the start of the First World War. It was named the City Tavern at the start of the 1980’s. in recent years, it struggled to keep up with the arrival of new bars on Broad Street and was in danger of closing altogether.


Davenports have decided it is best to use old-recipe beers and have brought the pub back to its former glory in a respectful and modern way.

This a very exciting addition to Westside and we wish Davenports the best of luck!